Licenses & Permits


Use the charts below to determine which license(s) you need:

Licenses that do not also need a General Business License:

Business activities License type Fee
Reselling items? Pawnbroker $300
Selling without a structure? Peddler $200

Providing transportation services? Taxicab and Limousine

- per vehicle

- per driver




Selling from a temporary structure? Transient Merchant $200

Collecting material? Scavenger license $150

Business of an adult nature? Sexually oriented business license

- Employee license




Providing lodging? Hotels and Motels $50-$500

Stand at a flea market? Flea market operator

- per booth



If you have a valid 2021 business license, you can register online now,
which will make renewing in January more convenient (click here to register).

If your business includes: Then you will need the following supplementary license:
  • Work as a Contractor
  • Run a dry cleaning business
  • Operate a fireworks stand
  • Work as a junk dealer
  • Operate a kennel
  • Run a hotel/motel
  • Sell beverages and/or food
  • Sell automotive vehicles

If you cannot download the license application you need, contact the Zoning Department at

For all fees, see the business license summary of fees

General Business License Renewal Process 

ATTENTION: All applicants for renewals of General Business Licenses (GBL) that operate out of residences must submit proof they are still residing full time in the home for which they are receiving their GBL.  This is a requirement for:

  1. Short-term rentals that did not have to obtain special use permits because they also lived in the home;
  2. Home Daycares that received  special use permits;
  3. Other businesses that received special use permits that were required to live in the home as a requirement.


GBL’s will not be issued to applicants who cannot provide proof that they are still residing in the home for which they have received approval to operate.










New General Business License Application Process

The following are examples of documents that can be submitted that have the address for which you are seeking a GBL issuance or renewal, including but not limited to:

  1. Home Owner’s Exemption and Deed; OR
  2. Unexpired Lease demonstrating permission to use house as a home and daycare; AND
  3. Utility Bills for the last three (3) months
  4. Common residential bills with your name (cell phone, internet, etc.)