Gary TV

Welcome to Gary TV

Cable TV was once the ultimate entertainment necessity. The over-the-air days of VHF/UHF television signals couldn’t keep up with voracious viewers who needed more, more, more channels. Having a cable directly pumping all that content into your home became the norm, and the cable providers provided local City Access Channels as well.


Public Access staff available:
Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm
Please send all questions or requests to
or call 219-881-5241





Gary Channels on comcast:

  • Channel 4: Government
  • Channel 21: Public
  • Channel 22: Education





Gary Channels on At&t U-verse:

  • Channel 4:  Latest Development on City  Government
  • Channel 21: Religious/Entertainment
  • Channel 22: Latest on Gary Education

But cable providers didn’t factor in that the Internet would provide cheaper and alternative TV services. “Cord Cutting“ was born—doing away with pay TV to get all your “television” programming via Internet streaming services.  Gary residents soon followed suit and cut the cable cord for streaming.  However this cut meant the lost of  receiving the local City Access Channels.  Well Gary Cord Cutters no more, through the Innovation of the Prince Administration you can receive all local City Access Channels and more through your Internet streaming services.

Just download the Gary TV Channel on your Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV  service and receive City of Gary media “Live” and 24/7 Video on Demand.  Our media services can also be found on Gary’s official Facebook and YouTube sites as well.

Stay tuned for more innovative Gary TV service offerings to you the citizens of Gary.  Offerings like putting your events on the Gary TV platforms “Live” and VOD play back.  Spread the word and tell your family and friends world-wide that Gary TV is now “LIVE”!