Gary Police Department

Thank you for visiting the Gary Police Department’s website. We are dedicated to serving the City of Gary and the citizens of Gary with honor and integrity. We pride ourselves on our interaction with the citizens we PROTECT and SERVE. We endeavor to leave each citizen feeling that they have had an interaction with our Officers that was procedurally just, where the citizen was provided a voice (listened to), afforded neutrality (unbiased policing), treated with respect which thereby views the Officer and his actions as trustworthy.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Gary Police Department is to work in partnership with the Citizens of Gary to improve the quality of life by enforcing the laws of the city, state and federal government, while applying the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and accountability.

We will strive to be a proactive organization; maintain a working relationship with other agencies; and obtain and preserve the trust of the community we serve.

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