Wellness Committee

Bee Healthy

Wellness Initiative: The City of Gary is committed to the health and welfare of its employees. It is our vision and goal through each wellness initiative to assist employees in taking charge of their Health and Life. We encourage our employees to “Bee Healthy”, it’s a better way to live!


“The mission of the City of Gary Wellness Committee is to create a healthier lifestyle to improve personal health and wellness to eventually decrease healthcare costs through prevention. We strive to promote a worksite culture that supports employees’ desire to make healthy lifestyle choices.”


The City of Gary Wellness Committee vision is to implement lunch and learns and other activities to encourage employees to make healthier choices.  To create a safe, healthy work environment for all employees. To encourage employees to take charge of their health and life. To inspire employees to utilize the Hudson and Campbell Sports and Fitness Center.

Goals and Objectives

  • To promote 100% employee participation in Wellness Activities.
  • Ensure that all Wellness Services are available to each employee in a fair and impartial manner.
  • Offer discount membership rates to all City of Gary Employees for The Hudson Campbell Sports and Fitness Center.
  • Improving employee morale.
  • Reduce absenteeism and improving attendance rate from previous years.
  • Reduce diabetic and heart risk by walking away the stress and 10000 steps initiative.
  • Reduce Family Medical Leave by 10% from previous years.
  • Continue partnership with Onsite Health and other 3rd party vendors.
  • Strengthening the mind and body with Zumba classes twice a week.

Kelly R. LaMarr, Benefits Coordinator
401 Broadway, Suite B-7
Gary, IN 46402
Phone: (219) 881-1350
Fax: (219) 881-1370

Margaret M. Lewis, Director
401 Broadway, Suite 105
Gary, IN 46402
Phone: (219)881-1346
Fax: (219)882-2320

Wendy McLaurin
Benefits Leave/Wellness Coordinator
401 Broadway, Suite B-7
Gary, IN 46402
Phone: (219) 881-1350
Fax: (219) 881-1370