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Human Resource Staff (HRS)

Margaret M. Lewis
Human Resources Director

It is the policy of the City that the Director of Human Resources is a staff and a service officer responsible to the Mayor.  The Director of Human Resources acts as consultant to the administration and management/supervisory personnel by providing professional expertise in planning the City’s personnel policies and providing staff assistance to the administrative, managerial, and supervisory staff in carrying out these personnel policies.  The Director of Human Resources may also be consulted on matters and questions regarding professional management techniques, design, and practices, including the design of organizational structure, the use of resources, and the allocation of personnel.  The Human Resources Director is responsible for all segments of Human Resources, Insurance, Summer Job Program, Performance Appraisal System, Employee Assistance Program, Wellness and Safety Programs, Compensation and Benefits, Development and Training functions.  The Human Resources Director shall act as consultant to the management/supervisory personnel of the Council, Court and Clerk.

Wendy McLaurin
Deputy Director
Assists the Director, plans and carries out policies relating to all phases of Human Resources activity. Recruit and interview along with hiring manager to select employees for vacant positions. Plans and conducts new employee orientation to foster a positive attitude toward the City’s goals. Serves as a liaison for the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Wellness Committee.

Tewania Albright
HR Generalist
Provides support to Deputy Director in carrying out policies relating to all phases relating to new hire activities. Assists with general orientation planning and activities. Prepares and processes retirement for all City employees. Process, maintain, upkeep and organize personnel records for all City employees.

Jacqueline L. Hairston
Administrative Assistant

Provides administrative support to the Director and Manager of Human Resources. Provide assistance in timekeeping and carrying out the activities and procedures as it relates to Human Resources, while retaining an excessive degree of confidentiality.

Qiana Watson
Benefits Coordinator
Under general direction of HR Director and Deputy Director. Coordinates the City’s Employee Medical and Life Group Benefits. Interprets policy provision to employees, patients, family members, etc. Recommends benefit plan changes to management. Handles Insurance matters for Worker’s Compensation and FMLA.

Chancie Thompson III
Benefits Leave/Wellness Coordinator
Under general direction of the HR Director and Deputy Director, performs varied administrative and specialized tasks in support of the day-to-day administration of the City’s employee benefit programs. Assists employees with various City benefit related issues, concerns or requests for service in accordance with established policies and regulations. Also serves on the Wellness Committee.

Anita Ray
Training Specialist

Plans, develops, organizes, coordinates and implements a wide variety of staff development and training programs in support of the City’s operational and strategic goals. Evaluates and conducts training need analysis. Designs, develops and conduct in-house training programs. Coordinates various training programs with staff and outside vendors for City Employees and perform other related tasks.

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