Hazardous Household Waste

About HHW

Household Hazardous Waste Days 2022

This program provides service to household residents of Lake County, Indiana. Residents of Lake County, Indiana can participate at any collection event.

The program is not available to businesses, churches, organizations or those who live outside Lake County, Indiana. This program is a mobile program which changes event locations throughout Lake County, Indiana.


All Lake County RESIDENTS can utilize the following Hazardous Household Waste collection sites:

  • Lake County Fairgrounds, 889 Court Street, Crown Point
  • Hobart City Barns, 340 South Shelby, Hobart
  • Munster Public Works, 508 Fisher Street, Munster
  • Whiting Public Works, 1915 Front Street, Whiting
  • Highland Public Works, 8001 Kennedy Avenue, Highland
  • Lake County Highway Dept., 18211 Wicker Avenue, Lowell
  • Griffith Public Works, 134 South Colfax, Griffith
  •  Hammond Public Works, 601 Conkey St., Hammond


* Aerosols

* Ammunition

--Oils and Other Fluids

--Household only (example: AA’s, AAA’s, C’s, D’s, Lithium; and rechargeable batteries NiCad’s, etc.)

* Corrosives

* Medication (expired or unwanted)

*Mercury-Containing Products
--Compact fluorescent lights (CFL’s) – place in a sealed baggie
--Fluorescent Tubes
--Thermometers – place in a sealed baggie
--Thermostats – place in a sealed baggie
--Other mercury-containing items

*Paint and Related Products
--Oil-based paint
--Latex based paint – Gallons more than half full
--Latex Paint Recycling and Reuse Program

Did you know Latex Paint is not hazardous and you don’t have to wait for a household hazardous waste collection to dispose of it? Good reusable latex paint (not sitting longer than a year and has been kept out of the cold weather, such as being stored in an unheated garage or shed) can be taken to the Hobart City Barns, 340 S. Shelby in Hobart. If you have a ½ gallon or less you can manage that yourself rather than waiting sometimes in long lines at a household hazardous waste collection. Latex paint can be dried out by leaving the lid off the can and stirring in enough clay cat litter (non-clumping) until you can’t add anymore to speed the drying process. Once dried to a solid, you can place the can in your curbside trash with the lids separate.

--Other Poisons

*Sharps – medical needles must be contained in a Sharps container OR a rigid plastic container such as a detergent bottle (NO milk containers)

*Waste Fuels
--Other flammable liquids

Not Acceptable

Business/Schools/Organizations hazardous waste


Batteries – Auto, Truck or Marine (recycle them where you purchased a new one; Scrap Yards; or AutoZone, O’Reilly’s for an in-store credit.)

Controlled medications

Explosives – contact your local fire department for disposal

Large grill propane cylinders – (recycle them at AmeriGas, 804 E. Morthland Blvd. (U.S. 30), Valparaiso, IN)

Containers larger than five gallons

Medical waste other than medicine and sharps

Radioactive materials (smoke detectors – recycle them by sending them back to the manufacturer)