Animal Control

Compliance and Licensing Checklist / Requirements

  • Must come to Gary Animal Control 625 W. 9th Place.
  • GAC  will check and verify records of current rabies vaccination and/or insurance.
    • 3 animal limit - dog/cat combination
    • All animals must have a rabies vaccine - state mandated
    • All dogs/cats must have a city license (annual renewal on January 1)
    • Insurance may also be required for license.
  • Take completed Department-approved form to finance to pay for license

Why Insurance MAY Be Needed

$500k specialty coverage on home-owners or renter’s insurance for animals is required for certain breeds and cases:

  • Pit Bull
  • Pit Bull mix
  • Previous history of attack / bite

Proper Care

All animals are to be restrained at all times when outside of the owner’s home (fence/leash/tethered)

Animal should always have water and shelter.

A dog must be sheltered indoors in weather warmer than 90 degrees F or colder than 32.

In general, a dog should not be tethered/ tied out or isolated from its humans overnight, or for extended periods. This practice is cruel, creates vicious dogs, and is outlawed in most of the state. In Gary it is illegal to:

  1. Tether an animal when the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, except the dog may be tethered if his dog shelter is heated OR there is sufficient hay and insulation to keep the dog warm in the dog house, and then only for a reasonably short period of time.
  2. Tether an animal by a rope, chain, cord or other tying device directly attached to the animal's neck;
  3. Tether an animal between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.;
  4. Tether an animal in or about an abandoned or otherwise unoccupied structure or property for any purpose;
  5. Tether an animal under six (6) months of age; or
  6. Tether an animal without a collar appropriate for the animals size and weight.

When tethered, the dog must have unrestricted access to adequate shelter and fresh, potable and unfrozen water at all times, the tether must be at least 10 feet in length, with a swivel to prevent tangling, and cannot employ a choker mechanism. NEVER LEAVE A DOG IN A HOT VEHICLE.



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Sgt. Darlene Breitenstein
625 W 9th Place
Gary, IN 46402

Kennel Hours
Mon – Fri 8AM – 4 pm


We always take all donations of animal-related products to help support feeding and care of housed animals. Drop off Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm.  Call Dispatch 219-660-0000 prior to coming.