Environmental Affairs

Public Notices

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to protect and improve the health of the environment making it a valuable asset for Gary utilizing environmental services and program activities to advance the City’s efforts.

Our vision is to pursue a safe, healthy and well protected environment fostered through civic engagement to help advance a sustainable society and economy.

The objective of the Environmental Affairs Department is to achieve and maintain a cleaner, healthier environment for the citizens of Gary through:

  • Inspection & monitoring of businesses and sites that impact environmental quality;
  • Providing environmental information and response and concerns regarding environmental issues;
  • Environmental Assessment and Remediation Planning and Implementation;
  • Issuing local air operating permits to businesses operating in the City of Gary by City Ordinance;
  • Act as the agent for Indiana Department of Environmental Management Air Program in the City of Gary;
  • Working with all City Departments and Agencies to develop sound environmental practices in city projects and operations;
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Solid Waste Sites, including the Closed Gary Sanitary Landfill and J-Pit;
  • Working cooperatively with and assisting State and Federal Agencies in environmental management and enforcement programs.