The Office of Community Investment is one agency with six working parts:

Redevelopment Division
Community Development
Economic Development & Engagement 
Planning Division
Zoning Division
Arts & Culture, Brand Management

We believe that accountability in government starts with providing a process that everyone can understand and a streamlined approach to problem solving.

If we are to be the lead business agent for the City, we must always remain focused on generating the greatest return on investment for the taxpayers and that starts on the third floor of City Hall. We have already started the process of finding ways to cut the fat from our process and our budgets. Immediate benefits of right sizing our economic development apparatus will include the savings of time and money through singleness of purpose, shared resources, and, in some cases, folding two jobs into one. “Like any good business, we promise a better product at a cheaper cost.

No more gridlock in City Hall. We have boiled the Site Plan Review process down to one meeting.

The art in this will be to take only the best ingredients from our existing economic development apparatus and streamline our approach to job creation and problem solving. “In government, it is good to have a healthy amount of impatience” The Office of Community Investment is about the business of moving our city, “forward faster!” Eric E. Reaves, Executive Director